Sunday, November 28, 2010

North Korea is about to start WW3

Once again, the Korean peninsula is on the brink of war. Last Tuesday, tensions erupted over N. Korea's artillery shelling of an island where S. Korea was conducting live military exercises. In either case, now tensions are at an all time high with the presence of the nuclear powered aircraft carrier USS George Washington. This may provoke Pyongyang and start a newly revived Korean conflict that may have global implications that the US will not be able to avoid.

What I fear may be happening could possible be a terrible trap that China could be conning us into. Is it all just coincedence that the US lost contact with over 50 nukes for 45 minutes or that China hijacked 15 percent of all US web traffic back last spring? How about the mystery missile off the LA coast a few weeks ago that the FEDS had no explanation for? This missile could have very well been from a Chinese sub. Let's not also forget that N. Korea just showed off a new and modern nuclear facility that shows their progress has exponentially increased more than we anticipated.

No matter how you look at the situation, you have to look at N. Korea's main ally, China and their behavior. China has been persistently trying to get away from the US dollar and along with Russia has completely dropped the dollar from their bilateral trade to "protect their domestic interests". We know that the FED RES is trying to print money until kingdom come, but as more countries abandon the dollar, the faster it will collapse.

China is trying to do something terrible I'm afraid and their using N. Korea to achieve these means without absorbing any blame.

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