Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wikileaks is running out of options and time...

Since the start of the cablegate scandal we all have seen how the world governments reacted towards Mr. Assange and became soley focused on bringing the website down at any costs. Not only this, but there was also an interpol arrest warrant issued for Mr. Assange for rape allegations, although the swiss government who has jurisdiction over the matter say this is not political in any way.

If you haven't noticed by now, the Wikileaks website is barely accessible if not at all. Most hosts have dropped their site from being hosted on their servers and now Wikileaks is depending on the Swiss Pirate Party and supporters mirror sites to get the leaks across at this point.

Either way, I think they will get Mr. Assange, even though he is only the messenger.


  1. There are now more then 200 official mirror sites and more then 1000 unofficial mirror sites! No way that they will all get nuked and will be down before the end of the earth! ;)

  2. But how easy are they to find for the average googler? Not only that but most US networks are blocking traffic from any of the known DNS servers that are still routing their traffic.