Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wikileaks and the Banks

So now it seems that Wikileaks is going after at least one major US bank. Question is which bank? It looks as if Bank of America is the target, and Wikileaks is going to uncover the dirt and says the information is damaging enough to collapse the bank itself...

This would be huge, if true.

But, the negative news is already having an impact on the bank's shares.

Bank Of America Shares Fall On WikiLeaks Fears

Monday, November 29, 2010

Wikileaks, Cablegate, and the fallout that ensues...

Now this is quite shocking. The government is getting a bit frightened as a result of the classified document drop on the wikileaks website. They are already calling this cablegate and if you didn't know already, this is going to have major implications on how the US can conduct future foreign policy.

While there are so many things that these classified and unclassified documents contain, certain things seem quite compelling...

Wikileaks reveals: China's ties to Iran and the Google fiasco

WikiLeaks: Arab Leaders Urged US To Attack Iran

Now with all the escalation on the Korean peninsula, who knows whats going to happen as a result of this release of diplomatic cables. But one thing is for certain, we don't want world war 3 on our hands.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

North Korea is about to start WW3

Once again, the Korean peninsula is on the brink of war. Last Tuesday, tensions erupted over N. Korea's artillery shelling of an island where S. Korea was conducting live military exercises. In either case, now tensions are at an all time high with the presence of the nuclear powered aircraft carrier USS George Washington. This may provoke Pyongyang and start a newly revived Korean conflict that may have global implications that the US will not be able to avoid.

What I fear may be happening could possible be a terrible trap that China could be conning us into. Is it all just coincedence that the US lost contact with over 50 nukes for 45 minutes or that China hijacked 15 percent of all US web traffic back last spring? How about the mystery missile off the LA coast a few weeks ago that the FEDS had no explanation for? This missile could have very well been from a Chinese sub. Let's not also forget that N. Korea just showed off a new and modern nuclear facility that shows their progress has exponentially increased more than we anticipated.

No matter how you look at the situation, you have to look at N. Korea's main ally, China and their behavior. China has been persistently trying to get away from the US dollar and along with Russia has completely dropped the dollar from their bilateral trade to "protect their domestic interests". We know that the FED RES is trying to print money until kingdom come, but as more countries abandon the dollar, the faster it will collapse.

China is trying to do something terrible I'm afraid and their using N. Korea to achieve these means without absorbing any blame.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Americans are "FED UP"

Thank you for reading, my fellow Americans. We have come a long way as a country over the last decade. Many of the events that are happening today shows that Americans do have a voice, and our voice is being heard in Washington. We let them know last week that Americans are fed up with the job these corrupted career politicians are doing. I just want to say that I am proud of what we have accomplished and we cannot stop our work until we achieve our goals of bringing the government back to its constitutional role. We will continue to work towards Freedom, Prosperity, & Peace!

It is really not hard to understand why there is such a vast political movement happening in this country. And although the Democrats and liberals want to discredit it as anything other than a legitimate grassroots movement, they cannot change the facts. America has woken up to the fact that the new boss is looking a lot like the old boss. Obama promised 'change' but has only continued the failed policies that Bush initiated.

This political revolution has nothing to do with partisanship. It's time to wake up and realize that both the Republicans and the Democrats are wrong and they are only hurting this country and bringing it down into a ditch that will be very difficult if not impossible to get out of. Bush launched the biggest offense against our civil liberties and freedoms that America has ever seen. Specifically with things like the patriot act and a perpetual and endless war on terror. While Obama promised to end the wars and repeal the most invasive provisions of the patriot act, but he obviously failed to follow through as well.

Then you have hardcore liberals who will call everyone who doesn't agree with them 'stupid' or something along those lines. For reasons only known to them, they wish to make themselves feel smart and try to belittle or talk down to people whom seem to agree on the consensus that government is broken. I don't understand how they can live in a fantasy world of thinking that we can create money out of thin air to create wealth and promote economic growth. I don't understand their reasoning for not supporting HR 1207 either, but hey, they say the Democratic Party is the party of the people, right? More like the party of lies, just like the Republican Party and the Neocons.

It's time Washington hears the real Americans voice, and we will continue to get louder until our message is clear and our grievances are met. Americans will always fight for our freedoms and liberties guaranteed to us by our powerful constitution but limited federal government. No other ideology or progressive socialist thinking is going to prevail in this union of states that makes our great nation.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The battle has begun...

Once again, Americans are proving themselves to be a unique and powerful force in the face of the establishment. This past November 2nd, we triumphed and took to the polls and ushered in a new age of political movements. We have no excuse for failure, and will hold every newly elected official to higher standards than the last ones. We want a more responsible government that doesn't have knee-jerk reactions to economic bubble bursts, and we want more prudence when it comes to spending in all areas of government.

This is about Freedom, Prosperity, & Peace. We want these wars ended now, and we want an audit of the Federal Reserve before they do more harm by inflating the money supply. We want the government to encourage small business and industry to work together, create new technology and jobs. This isn't something we cannot achieve, but rather we must not wait for the Democrats or Republicans to get it right, because ultimately it is WE THE PEOPLE who are best suited to decide the direction we take in the future of our country.

Thank you to all the service men & women that have made today possible on this Veterans Day.