Thursday, November 11, 2010

The battle has begun...

Once again, Americans are proving themselves to be a unique and powerful force in the face of the establishment. This past November 2nd, we triumphed and took to the polls and ushered in a new age of political movements. We have no excuse for failure, and will hold every newly elected official to higher standards than the last ones. We want a more responsible government that doesn't have knee-jerk reactions to economic bubble bursts, and we want more prudence when it comes to spending in all areas of government.

This is about Freedom, Prosperity, & Peace. We want these wars ended now, and we want an audit of the Federal Reserve before they do more harm by inflating the money supply. We want the government to encourage small business and industry to work together, create new technology and jobs. This isn't something we cannot achieve, but rather we must not wait for the Democrats or Republicans to get it right, because ultimately it is WE THE PEOPLE who are best suited to decide the direction we take in the future of our country.

Thank you to all the service men & women that have made today possible on this Veterans Day.

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