Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Partisan Illusion (We are all Individualists)

My fellow Americans, how long have we had to endure the implications of political correctness and picking and choosing which side is the lesser of the evils in which humankind has worked tirelessly for generations to expel from existence?

These are among the things now that we can no longer endure, especially when it prevents progress in democracy and squashes political activism. No matter who is in power, we have the duty to question authority, to serve as a check of power. In this day and age no matter what side of the pendulum you're on, the other side will resent and repel your desire for politics in our land to be correct in order to maintain the status quo. Americans of all classes, races, nationalities, religions, backgrounds, & ideologies are becoming united and it has the establishment very concerned about their patronage.

Just like in the days of the American Revolution, there were very similar correlations that we can see going on in our modern day. The main difference now is the fact that WE THE PEOPLE have one ounce of leverage, which is our power, duty, and right to vote in every election cycle throughout all levels of government from local all the way to the federal level.

No longer are we fooled by the Illusion of partisan politics, we have learned well enough what that has given us over the time. That is why we wanted change from the policies of the Bush Administration and overwhelmingly voted in a Jr Senator Democrat into the highest elected office of the executive branch of the Federal Government. Even though we have learned the hard way, it does seem evident that neither side of our American political system has the best interests of WE THE PEOPLE at mind and heart, even though our elected delegates swear oath to our Constitution.

Let us stay strong & united and not be deferred by the tools of manipulation, censorship, and destruction of our freedoms and liberties that has happened over the last decade, and increasing drastically every day. We can restore what was ours, you just need to think of yourself as not Republican or Democrat in nature or virtue, but as an Individualist whom wants nothing more than a life free from interference or oppression from any form or level of government or their affiliations and lobbyists.

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