Saturday, October 1, 2011

Over 700 Protesters Arrested on Brooklyn Bridge

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Whether you have already heard about this movement or not, no one can deny that the Occupy Wall Street movement is growing with each passing week since its inception. Today is the beginning of the third week of the protests and this weekend is already shaping up to be more confrontational than last week in terms of police response.

Over 400 protesters were arrested when the NYPD led a section of the protesters onto the Brooklyn Bridge. Police kettled hundreds of people and called in buses and vans to escort all of them back to the 1st precinct in lower Manhattan. Traffic was blocked for hours.

Was this entrapment? The NY Times reported that this was a pre-planned move on the NYPD's part. If so, then the police are really making a hard case for themselves as protectors of freedom.

It also doesn't help the fact that JP Morgan Chase recently donated $4.6 million dollars to the NYPD. Is this a protection racket? You decide.

JP Morgan Chase Donates Millions to the NYPD during Wall Street Protests

NY Times changes their story rather quickly on who gets the blame for over 700 arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge

Over 500 Arrested on Brooklyn Bridge (Reuters)
NY Times Covers Occupy Wall Street
CNN Confirms over 400 arrests

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