Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The NSA, Snowden, and your privacy.

Times sure have changed over the past few years.  It has just seemed that us little people have been full on assaulted by our government masters whom are tightening the noose right before our very eyes.  We are losing the Internet and the very freedoms it has given us to enjoy for the past 20 years.  Net neutrality is on the verge of death (Click here to read the WIRED article for more info), we find out that most internet service providers and tech companies are in complete cahoots with the NSA.  What's next?

It's no wonder why this old video seems more real now than it ever did before.  Maybe we just didn't want to believe it.

When someone like Edward Snowden is a fugitive for telling the American people that their government was blatantly breaking the law in order to spy on millions of innocent citizens, shouldn't we be worried?

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